Monday, July 14, 2014

My Savior and Me

My Savior and Me
Written in Sacrament Meeting 11/18/1990
by Reah Ressler

What did my Savior do for me
As He walked the paths of Galilee?
My mind cannot comprehend the task
That was given by His Father, He didn't ask,
But accepted His trial with love for us.

Can I be worthy and be just
Of this wonderess gift He gave to us?
A promise of life for eternity,
Can I live my life so I will be
Ready to face Him at the judgment bar?

With only a few things my life to mar,
Oh how I wish I could relive my life.
Not to pass over the trials and strife
Bu just to show in every way

My great love for Him is what I'd pray.

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